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Cellulitis And Body Fat Reduction Treatment

- Never been so easy to lose 2-3 sizes. -
Cellulitis And Body Fat Reduction Treatment

The Clínica Láser de Piel has the most varied technology to treat different pathologies, without surgery or disability, like:

Size and localized fat reduction

With the ultimate technology “SUD” it is possible to obtain excellent results through a non invasive and very tolerable way; this technology generates a strong double ultrasonic ray modulated at low frequencies, thus ensuring an extraordinary efficacy and total security. Thanks to the cavitational effect of such ultrasonic emission, the breaking of fat cells is produced, sending a metabolic process that will help with the natural elimination of fat residues from the organism.

Clínica Láser de Piel experts assure that this device also integrates a dispositive to effectuate an immediate lymphatic drainage of the areas to treat in order to accelerate the elimination of residues through the lymphatic system. The result is a strong reduction of the fat masses and the cellulitis panels, and a more tonic aspect of the areas to treat.


The new technology “RAFT” from the Clínica Láser de Piel, treats the four tissue layers, allowing a better coverage and homogeneous heating of the treated area. It is ideal to all types of skin and basically what you feel is a pleasant heat, having as a result an immediate contraction which is seen since the first session.


  • Quick and effective treatment
  • Visible and durable results
  • Increases collagen production and stretching
  • Removes fat, which is released through lymphatic drainage
  • Ideal for corporal contoured and flabbiness

It is suggested to realise it with 1­week intervals in order to obtain a faster result.


La Clínica Láser de Piel has the first german­technology treatment, effective on the reduction of cellulite from level 1 to 3. This treatment is called “DAC”, Gold Estándar and it consists in a anti­cellulite therapy that works using acoustic waves, that are employed in the patient in form of high frequency oscillations.

The most important application of the acoustic waves is the cellulite; the objective of the treatment is the metabolism stimulation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the improvement in the microcirculation to interrupt the vicious circle of the circulation insufficiency, by increasing the pressure and decreasing the lipolysis. This procedure heads to improve the lymphatic drainage and the reduction of elevations.

Visible and measurable results:

Several studies made in Switzerland, Germany and United States, have shown a great improvement in the elasticity of the skin, in women patient treatments. All of the participating patients in these studies were highly satisfied with the acoustic waves treatment.

The procedure, consists in the application of gel or skin oil in the area of the treatment, to ensure that the acoustic waves are introduced inside the body without energy loss. This is a total odorless technique and on average each session of the treatment takes about 30 minutes.

During the treatment, the connective tissue relaxes and the firmness of the skin in the epidermis is increased, therefore, the blood circulation in the tissue is significantly improved

You will obtain as a final result a firmer skin, restored with regard to the natural skin elasticity and adjacent connective tissues with an improvement in the texture of the skin, both visible and enduring.

Areas of Treatment:

  • Upper arm 
  • Stomach
  • Gluteal region
  • Tights
  • Abdomen and hip

The next figure shows the improvement in the firmness and the natural skin elasticity restoration and of connective tissue with a visible improvement of the cellulite and the skin.

Celulitis Clinica Laser de Piel


The Clínica Láser de Piel is also ahead in this technology. It consist in a method that integrates takeoff massage (endomassage) and the applied ultrasounds simultaneously. It acts in a hypodermic level and it is another good option to reduce cellulite and the localized overweight without the need of surgical interventions, anesthesia and uncomfortable post surgery.

The obtained results in the treatment of fiber edema and overweight are excellent. Likewise a decongestion effect occurs in all type of cellulite, and of course, in reaffirmation and draining, muscular pains and other alterations such as edemas, stretch marks and liposuction post surgery.

Besides, we have a thermolipolysis equipment that uses infrared rays that penetrate the hypodermis, stimulating the adipocytes metabolism and improving circulation. This way, the fat fusion process is activated, with consequent weight and volume loss.

Thermotherapy has been and still is very used in medicine, in disciplines such as rheumatology , gynecology and orthopedics.

For endermology, we also have a sonotherapy equipment, the ultrasonic energy also contributes to stimulate the local and regional circulation, causing a cell micromassage.

La Clínica Láser de Piel also has nutritional counseling for and effective weight loss with permanent medical control, looking for the patients education about their eating habits to achieve a nicer shape while preventing aging.