Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

- Look a soft and smooth skin forever -
Laser Hair Removal

With CLP, superior and reliable results in the least number of sessions, our Clinic has the best American and European lasers that provides definitive hair removal with superior results!

The traditional methods of removing unwanted hair such as shaving and waxing are painful and temporal.

Electrolysis is extremely painful and delayed which ultimately is expensive in terms of time and money. For many women and men, unwanted hair is a nightmare. Fortunately, technology has advanced and now there are lasers that provide a secure, accessible, fast and the best of all: Final!

The laser hair removal has been successfully tested for many years, worldwide.

What is this treatmeant about: 

Our technology MS (Fourth generation) opertates by the mechanism of selective photo thermolysis, in which the laser beam, strikes the melanine of the hair atrophying the hair follicle and preventing its regenaration without damaging the surrounding tissue. It is a simple, safe and painless procedure and it can be applied in any body area for both women and men.

Our equipments, count on cooled hand pieces that protect the skin before, duringm and after de shooting, preventing it to burn; unlike other machines that don´t have incorporated cooling or that use another external method (air or gas) that can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

Number of Sessions

Since the laser works by destroying the hair that is mostly in the active growth phase at the time of the treatement, and as there are other that are in different phases, there would be several aditional sessions that are necessary for detroying all follicles in an specific area.

Our technology ensures a permanent hair removal in the shortest number of sesions, the hair thickness, color, and the body area may influence in this. Facial hairs are very thin and they have very little melanin, so they may require a greater number of sessions.

Hair Phases

Hair follicles are developed inside the skin and have three distinct phases: growth, regression and rest.

Depilación Láser. Clínica Láser de Piel
  • ANAGEN: The active phase of hair growth. It is the period in which the laser would be more efective in the elimination of unwanted hair.
  • CATAGEN: It is a very shot phase in which the hair follicle returns and begins to diminish its size. 
  • TELOGEN: It is the rest phase that usually lasts several months. In this phase the laser energy is not well absorbed, because of this, several sessions are needed.

Is It Painful?

The laser emits light, you may feel a small sensation, like a slight tap on your skin, but not pain. Some patients can use a topical anesthetic cream for greater comfort.

Our Technology

We have four high power lasers for total hair removal, allowing us to treat safely different skin types, from the clearest to the darkest.

Clínica Láser de Piel is the most complete clinic of the country, the only one that has the most advanced lasers worldwide to provide a fast and safe hair removal treatment and 18 additional lasers for various treatments.

Advantages in the ultimate laser hair removal: No one does it better!

  • The hair removal is permanent, obtaining a smooth and soft skin in the shortest number of sessions.
  • Safety: Our lasers, unlike other machines, have cooles hand pieces to protect the skin from burns and stains. They do not need other cooling sistems with air or gas that may be unsafe.
  • Our lasers can remove hair in all types of skin (white, brown or black) 
  • Speed: Our technology allows to remove hair in any body area. 
  • It is not painful and does not require disability. 
  • Our lasers are aproved by the FDA of USA and by the EC (European Community). We do not use oriental lasers. 
  • We guarantee treatments with high power lasers We do not use pulsed lights, electro frequency or low power lasers, which do not guarantee quick or permanent results. 
  • Less irritation: that reduces risks of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Interval between sessions 

Generally, from 6 to 8 weeks.

Pre and post laser care

Abstain from sunbathing and use sunscreen in areas that are exposed to the sun for 10 days after the treatment

During treatment, do not remove any hair with wax or tweezers and do not discolor it


Our clinic manages technologies for definitive hair removal in a high percentage, if the patient presents normal hormonal conditions and completes the number of sessions required by areas, according to the type of skin and previous medical evaluation.